15mph Rubber Speed Ramp

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15mph Rubber Speed Ramp is designed to slow vehicles down to 15 mph in speed sensitive areas. Designed for permanent applications it can be moved at a later date unlike the traditional tarmac sleeping policeman.

The speed ramps are made out of sbr rubber that is more durable and long lasting than plastic speed bump equivalents, with cat’s eye reflectors embedded for visibility at night.

They are designed to be used to reduce traffic speeds on roads and car parks.
To reduce vehicle speeds even further please see the larger Speed Bumps that are designed to allow only 10 mph ( 10 mph ramp). Ideal for use in car parks and speed sensitive roads and can be used to slow lorries, vans and cars.

Additional Information:
Material: NR/SBR
Recommended Maximum Speed (mph) 15 

Car Park

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