1m Metre 76mm Sign Post Extension

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76mm Sign Post Extention Section 1m Length

This signpost extension is for use with 76mm signposts. It can be used wherever an existing post is not tall enough to give the correct ground clearance for a road sign. This can often be the case where a new sign needs to be added to an existing post, requiring more ground clearance, or where an “oops” moment has occurred and the wrong size post has been installed.

The extension section is easy to install, it slots into the existing post. Once in place adjusters on the sides can be tightened to firmly secure the extension post in place. When properly installed the extender ads 1m to the height of the existing post.

We can also supply these post extensions in other sizes including 89mm, 114mm and 140mm. If you cannot see the exact size you need please do not hesitate to get in touch, we may be able to source what you need from our extensive network of manufacturers.

Post Extension being inserted into 76mm post


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Diameter ~76mm
Length 1 Metre
Wall Thickness ~3mm
Per Unit 6.8kg
Finish Hot dip Galvanised finish
Type Mild Steel
Colour Zinc grey. Custom colours upon request.

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