24V Key Switch Timer Relay

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The 24V key switch timer relay is designed to meet the demanding and varied requirements of system integration and isolation of auxiliary equipment for managing false alarms and system tests. An easy way for authorised personnel to temporarily isolate devices, the in-built timer function allows you to delay the automatic activation or shutdown of equipment connected to your fire alarm.

To manage false alarms, the adjustable timer (0 to 5 minutes) delays the signal received from the fire panel, allowing time for a responsible person to investigate an alarm. This could be used to delay a digital communicator to alert the fire brigade, the closing of fire doors, and the shutting down of plant equipment. A yellow LED indicates when the timer is active, as well as producing a ‘tick tock’ noise, and a red LED indicator is displayed once the output is activated at the end of the time period.

The timer and buzzer settings are easily adjusted using the DIL switches behind the front cover. There is also a failsafe which prevents the switch being left in the isolator position, as the key is not removable, yellow LED indicator is illuminated, and the buzzer is active.

Supplied as a complete red enclosure, the UK single gang format ensures the 24V key switch timer relay is suitable for surface mounting on a 20mm conduit box.

Technical Specification

  • LED condition indicator
  • Flexible triggering – Switched negative trigger or two wire only bell trigger
  • Built-in timer and buzzer – DIL switch adjustable
  • Key switch to restrict isolate function
  • CE Marked

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