400ml Aerosol Primer For Thermoplastic Markings

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Primer for Thermoplastic Marking - Hotline Preperation

If you have a small amount of hotline / thermoplastic marker to apply, this is suitable for preparing the surface for maximum adhesion. Spray application allows precise application with a minimum of mess.

Please make sure the surface is clean before applying and is free from any contamination including dust, dirt, oil, grease etc.  The prepared surface must be totally covered with a thin even coating of clear road primer. Ensure that the primer is thoroughly dry before applying the subsequent thermoplastic material.

Do I Need Thermoplastic Primer?

If the surface that you want to apply the thermoplastic marking to is

  • Concrete or block paved surface
  • A particularly worn tarmac or asphalt


Diameter 67mm
Height 200mm
Per Unit 400ml
Drying Time 10-15 minutes
Application 1 can is recommended per 6 x 100mm rolls, expect 2-3 Sqm of coverage from 1 can for Symbols.

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