50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm, 140mm 'D' Type Channel Sign Clip

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Sign Clips for Post / Pole Mount Signs- Rigid 'D' Clip

This clip is designed to be used specifically with 50mm poles, 60mm, 76mm (3” diameter), 89mm, 114mm and 140mm poles. Two of these are required to mount one post mountable sign, each clip securing one rail to the pole via a nut and bolt mechanism.

This clip is compatible with all of our post mounted signs as long as you are mounting to the correct size post for the clip size chosen. For unusual sized poles, our universal clamp set will be appropriate.

For areas where a pole-mounted sign is required for enforcing speed limits, two signs will usually be mounted (one each side of the pole) to cater for the different speeds going in or out of an area. This can be achieved through the use of two back-to-back clips in conjunction with these rigid-'D' clips.

The universal clamp works with any pole from 45mm to 217mm including odd pole profiles. However, they are not compatible with back-to-back clips.


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Diameter Designed for 76mm, 89mm posts
Thickness Strap 1.75mm,
Per Unit 50mm - 50g | 60mm - 60g | 76mm - 75g | 89mm - 90g | 114mm - 100g | 140mm - 190g
Type Stainless Steel Fixing

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