550mm Rubber Wheel Block Home Parking Stop

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Rubber wheel stops come in a variety of sizes suitable for home, work and industrial applications, this listing is for the 550mm home stop.
Manufactured from a recycled rubber material Park-it stops are ultra-durable and are a far superior solution to dated concrete items.
This stop will require two stops per parking space (one in front of each tyre).
Place them in front of your home to prevent your car making contact with your garage door, house wall or other obstacles.
Prevent accidental bumps caused by reversing into the garden wall.
Easily installed in under an hour without any special tools or equipment.
Key Features:
Ultra Easy To Install - Requires no specialist equipment other than a good power drill and simple hand tools to install.
Suitable for use in all weather - Durable recycled tyre rubber makes these hard-wearing and capable of withstanding all types of weather conditions.
Highly Visible - Marked with vibrant, contrasting colours these wheel stops can be easily seen from a distance.
Easily Secured - Once anchored in place these stops are very sturdy and will not move.

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