Aluminium Nylon Black Brush Strip 50mm x 7.9mm x 7.6mm

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RS PRO Door Brush Strips
A range of RS PRO brush strips designed to seal the gap among the lowest of a door and the ground. Brush strips can be connected to the bottom of a door and act as a draught excluder to save you draughts and preserve within the warmth. The brush also prevents dirt and particles like leaves and litter from coming into the brink of a building or factory from outdoor. The strip may be cut to length to provide an correct match to any door.

These brush strips encompass a immediately period of extruded aluminium, referred to as a provider or holder. The aluminium provider homes a length of black nylon bristles in the shape of a long brush.

Brush strips are to be had in one-of-a-kind lengths and with exclusive door mounting angles 45°, 90° and one hundred eighty°. The brushes have distinctive bristle lengths and bristle diameters

RS PRO have a super range of sealing solutions including strip trees, aspect protectors, edging strips and sealing strips to fulfill all your necessities.

Features and Benefits:
Manufactured from black Nylon 6 filament
Encased in an electrogalvanized mild metal channel and housed in an extruded mill completed aluminium alloy service
Operating temperature range -50°C to +100°C and proof against most common solvents
Available in maximum thicknesses with extraordinary filament lengths
Easily cut the usage of a hacksaw and bolt cutters (see inventory no. 539-069)
Instructions supplied with the product
Supplied in 1 metre lengths
Length in specs refers to Bristle Length

Typical Applications:
This brush strip seal may be used to offer draught proofing on a extensive variety of door kinds in each home and commercial premises including hinged, folding and sliding doorways. The layout of brush strips with their flexible bristles additionally makes them perfect to be used on uneven flooring.

Brush strips can be used in a huge sort of industrial and home applications;
• Bottom of revolving doors
• Roller shutters
• Loading bay doorways
• Gates and fences
• Household doors
• Garage doors
• Sheds
• Kennel doorways


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