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Fencing Security Spanner

This specialist spanner is for use with our fence light. It features a special end that can tighten or loosen the anti-tamper fixings present on the clamp fitting.

The Right Tool For The Job

There is nothing more frutstrating then not having the right tool for the job, Below we've out together a quick look at each of the tools we have on offer and which security type nut it is suited to.

Female Type Spanner

Female Spanner Type

This spanner is designed to be used with a the smaller common nut type that has 3 equidistant cut-outs in it.

Male 3 Sharp Pins

Male 3 Pin Spanner Type

This spanner type is compatible with the same nut type as the female spanner type. This male version is also suitable for larger nuts with 3 equidistant cut outs.

Round Peg Locater

Round Peg Locator Spanner Type

This Spanner is suitable for use with the security nut that has two rectangular locators and one round peg locator which are not at an equal distance to each other

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