Big Foot Traffic Cone From Melba Swintex - 1 Metre

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Melba Bigfoot Traffic Cone 1 Metre

The BigFoot cone from Melba Swintex has long been established in the industry as the leading “motorway traffic cone”. The Bigfoot was the first two-part traffic cone to be manufactured and is now the benchmark for all other traffic cones. You will most commonly see the Bigfoot being used by traffic management firms along the UK’s motorways where only the most durable cones will suffice.

The base of the cone is manufactured from recycled PVC material which provides stability, weight and wind resistance. The base can be embossed and coloured for corporate identity to help prevent theft.

The blow moulded top of the cone features a positive and easy to grasp hand grip, allowing for ultra-fast deployment of this large traffic cone. Covering the blow moulded top is a highly reflective sleeve that is retro-reflective and vibrant in all weather conditions. This enhanced visibility is essential when the cones are deployed on unlit sections of motorway.

Big Foot Cone Branding

Key Features

  • Blow moulded top with easy-grip access - Easy to handle with and without gloves, fast deployment regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Chapter 8 compliant - Suitable for use on the public highway in accordance with the 'Red Book' regulations.
  • Highly Reflective Sleeve - Provides exceptional visibility regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Tried and tested - The Bigfoot cone is long established and has been on the UK’s roads for years and is the industry standard.
  • Brandable - The bases can be coloured to your corporate colours for easy identification, and embossing is available.
  • Stackable - Easily stacked in compact stacks for efficient transport and storage.
  • Great Stability - The large size of this cone and heavyweight base means that it is ideal for supporting taperlamps and other cone lights, even in high wind.
  • BSEN13422 Compliant - UK Road Legal.


Conforms Conforms to requirements of BS EN13422 / Chapter 8 / Red Book / TSRGD
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
Base Width 550mm
Height 950mm
Wall Thickness 1.2mm
Top Hole Diameter 35mm
Per Unit 8.5kg
Type High Density Polyethylene top, Recycled PVC base
Colour High visibility orange top. Black / dark grey base.
Accessories Complete with EN13422B sleeves
Pallet Type Single
Per Pallet 100

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