Black Crumb Rubber Insulation Protection Matting

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  • Crumb Rubber Insulation/Protection matting is a tough and durable rubber crumb ideal for use as a stand-alone floor or as a flooring underlay, including roof walkways to not only reduce footfall sound but also heat penetration (solar gain). 
  • Fire-rated and approved for the conservation of fuel and power under part L of building regulations you can install this economical product with complete confidence. 
  • This product is also ideal for protecting walls and floors in construction but is also extensively used in equine and other animal settings.
  • Available in standard roll sizes or cut to your specific size and shape requirements.
  • Other grades, including colored fleck available on application. 




High-Grade SBR rubber granulate bonded with polyurethane


Impact sound insulation- acoustic underlay for flooring applications

Density – EN ISO 845

730 Kg/m +/- 5% Weight/m2 7.3kg


3-10mm ± 0.3mm


10m x 1.25m or cut sheets/parts

Dimension Tolerance DIN 7715 – 2 M4

± 1.5%

Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO 1798

>0.70Nmm² at 10mm

Elongation at Break EN ISO 1798

>65% @ 10MM

Footfall Sound Insulation EN ISO 140-8

21db at 3 and 5mm, under 7mm standard laminate flooring

Dynamic Stiffness EN 29052-1

Measurement Executed in Deviation to Norm EN 29052/1- Without applying plaster on the test piece

77Mn/m³ in 3mm

70MN/M³ in 4mm

63MN/m³ in 5mm

Stress-Strain Characteristics in Compression EN ISO 3386-2

at 10mm ( 40x40x10mm)

C24 ca.647 kPa 0.65Nmm²

C40 ca.2240 kPa 2.24Nmm²

C50 ca.5500 kPa 5.50Nmm²

Load Deformation (Adapted from DIN EN ISO 3386-2)

Sample:40 x 40 x 10mm

10% ca 145 kPa

15% ca 235 kPa

20% ca 360 kPa

Fire Classification EN 13501-1

E fl or equivalent to BS (DIN 4102)

Temperature Stability

-30 to +100°C

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