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How to dispose of fire extinguishers safely and in line with UK regulations is a problem people often face, but Fire Protection are here to help, offering a professional service where we take your used, old and expired fire extinguishers and dispose of them for you. We provide safe fire extinguisher disposal in accordance with waste recycling regulations, and we offer this service UK-wide.
Fire extinguisher disposal cost

A single technician visit charge of £25.97 + vat will be added to each order automatically. So, for example, the cost to collect and dispose of 10 fire extinguishers will be £5.50 x 10 + £25.97 = £80.97 + vat.

Please note a £10 + vat (£12 inc vat) surcharge will be added for all London postcodes

Where can I dispose of fire extinguishers?

Correct environmental extinguisher recycling and disposal should only be carried out by those companies with a current waste transfer registration. Fire Protection are fully certified to carry out any UK fire extinguisher disposal.

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