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This excessive overall performance foam tape (VHB opportunity) will offer you a robust and secure bond to a huge style of surfaces. Suitable for both internal and external programs. It is quick and clean to use and is so strong that it is fast replacing traditional, mechanical fasteners. It has top notch growing old properties and is proof against U.V. Light, abrasion, corrosion & moisture.

Clear Acrylic Foam Tape Applications
Any Applications that require an Invisible Bond
Safety Glass Manufacture
Bonding of Clear Plastics
Glass Partitioning

Strong Instant Bond - No drying time required to create a bond with high maintaining energy

Bond & Seal in One Process - The specific residences of this tape will bond substrates and create a seal simultaneously, retaining out dust, water & chemical substances
Eliminates Dimpling and Pull Through - The viscoelastic homes soak up surprise and flexing as a result of vibration, impacts, thermal movement and wind.
Eliminates Weak Points - The tape would not require any drilling & distributes strain flippantly alongside the bond line removing weak spots caused by drilling, rivets, welds and regions which have a excessive ratio of surface vicinity to pressure

Anti-Fatigue & Vibration Properties - It remains permanently elastic, soaking up vibrations and acoustic waves presenting vibration dampening & noise reduction residences

Reduces Corrosion - There are different thicknesses, those may be used to concurrently bond and separate steel surfaces lowering the potential of galvanic corrosion

Temperature, Chemical and U.V. Resistant - Resistant to U.V. Rays & susceptible chemical compounds. Service temperatures variety from -30°c to +a hundred and 20°c
Invisible Bond - Acrylic Foam Tapes creates a bond that is genuinely invisible, bonded surfaces remain easy, and preserve smooth strains enhancing the advent of unique designs

Bonds Difficult (Low Surface Energy) Surfaces - Specific Acrylic Foam Tapes had been advanced to bond surfaces that have low floor electricity, including powder covered and painted surfaces

Save Money! - Can be applied speedy with minimum surface training & utility training. It removes time ingesting professional labour required for drilling, welding, grinding and many others and can be carried out thru out the production line. Unlike liquid adhesives there may be no waste as Acrylic Foam Tape is cut for your precise requirements and is provided in slit rolls or bespoke die cuts to in shape any size or shape required.

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