ClearPath Mat - Temporary Pedestrian Crossing

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ClearPath Temporary Pedestrian Crossing

This system is ideal for creating flat and safe walkways on construction sites and at events where the ground can quickly become muddy.

The system can also be used to create temporary zebra crossings, designated pedestrian walkways within factories and much more.

Will withstand being driven over repeatedly by fully laden 44t HGV's.

The system is quick and easy to install, and if necessary can be fastened to the floor using bolts.

Use this with our speed bumps to create a dedicated walkway

By installing speed bumps either side of a run of Clear path mats, you can create a designated safe-zone for pedestrians to walk along. Please contact us if you would like a combined quote for a complete kit for speed bumps and the Clear path mats.


Height 22mm
Length 600mm
Width 1200mm (please note that this is normally the width of the pathway)
Per Unit 24kg
Finish White colours are painted.
Type Recycled Composite PVC.
Colour White and Black
Per Pallet 30

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