Collapsible Traffic Cone UK Road Legal 750mm Tall Fold Flat

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Pop Up Traffic Cones - Road Legal

This traffic cone from Quazar International is ideal for first responders and mobile works vehicles. This is because when compared to standard traffic cones the collapsible cone takes up no space at all. At only 60mm tall once collapsed the cone can even fit under a passenger seat in a car.

Space is often a critical constraint in a works van. Whether you are a tree surgeon or telecoms engineer you need your tools to work, and normal traffic cones take up critical tool space.



Conforms EN13422:2004 | Category B | Shape Class S1 | Weight Class W1 | Daylight Appearance of retroreflective surfaces, luminance factor 0.28 | Daylight Appearance of non-retroreflective surfaces, Chromaticity Coordinate X 0.5912, Coordinate Y 0.3498, Luminance Factor 31.58 | Coefficient of retroreflection R' for night time appearance, Class R1A | performance of retroreflective surfaces in wet conditions Class WT1
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
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Base Width 375mm
Height Expanded 735mm | Collapsed 60mm
Top Hole Diameter 22mm
Per Unit 3.5 kg
Type Collapsible
Colour Dayglo Orange, With Black Base. Reflective white sleeve.
Accessories Price includes EN13422:2004 compliant reflector
Per Box 1

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