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Cycle Symbol Marking Diagram 1057

This bike road marking is used to indicate that an area is part of a cycle route, this could be both on-road or off-road in cyclists only areas. For use on road, this symbol is most commonly seen along the road’s edge where a specific area is designated for pedal cycles. You will also commonly find this symbol at traffic lights in front of the stop line, indicating a safe area designated for cyclists to stop at lights.

This marking is part of a larger range of cycle route signage and permanent thermoplastic road markings that we have available to purchase.

The recommended spacing for this symbol depends on its location there is some handy information from transport for London which can be found here. It is advised that this marking is placed at road junctions where a cycle lane is present and drivers of motor vehicles need warning of cycles.

Key Features Of Our Preformed Thermoplastic Bike Symbols

  • Easy Application - No special knowledge, talent or years at art school required, just a clean surface and a gas heat gun.
  • Professional Appearance - These markings always look good due to their pre-cut design.
  • Fast To Install - Minimal surface preparation is required for these markings, with a worst-case scenario requiring an application of primer.
  • Non-Slip - Apply glass bead to enhance the traction of your marking, both for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Conforms - BSEN 1871


If you want this symbol with a blue background this is the option for you. Please note that these signs have no legal standing and should be used for cycle-specific areas only.


These markings only use white and have no background to them. These are used for on-road cycle routes and repeater markers.

Choose From An Array Of Sizes

Depending on the application you may require an array of cycle route marking sizes. We can provide any size required, but keep an array of “standard” sizes ready to go.

Applying Cycle Symbol 1057 In Thermoplastic

Applying our cycle symbol markings is very easy. Firstly the area must be cleaned of all loose debris, oil, grease and salts. Once this is done you are ready to get going. If your road surface is old tarmac, concrete or block paving then you will need to use our fast-drying primer.

Once you have fully prepped the surface the marking can be set out. Once you are happy with the marking positioning a heat gun can be used to melt the marking to the road surface. For additional traction glass bead can be sprinkled over the surface, this is fused into the marking with the further application of heat.


Conforms BS EN 1871
Type Thermoplastic
Application If using glass bead, 250g of glass bead per square metre

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