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Each wall mounted double fire extinguisher cabinet is capable of holding two medium-sized fire extinguishers securely, keeping them protected even in harsh environments. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, each cabinet is weatherproof to prevent water and dust entering the box thanks to its durable and hardwearing construction.

When it comes to securely fasten the extinguisher box, you have two options. As standard, this has two claps which hold the door shut and is quick to open when needed, with the option to use either a padlock of anti-tamper seal to prevent theft or vandalism. However, with this cabinet, you also have the option to have an additional cylinder lock. Supplied with two keys, the door features an integrated key compartment to store one key for emergency access.

The inspection window built within the door allows everyone to quickly view which extinguisher is inside. Both fire extinguishers can be securely held in position using retaining straps, the adjustable nylon rings which fit around the middle of the body and can be quickly released in a fire emergency.

Suitable for wall or floor mounting, fixing requires everyday screws and wallplugs to secure to any surface. Manufactured by Fire Depot, the double fire extinguisher box is commonly used for events, construction sites, HGVs and outside public spaces.

The double fire extinguisher cabinet externally measures: H 616mm x W 735mm x D 270mm. Internally, the box measures: H 520mm x W 675mm x D 238mm.

Technical Specification

  • Wall or floor mounted
  • Optional cylinder lock and key compartment
  • Features internal fixing mechanism
  • Made of injection moulded polypropylene
  • Supplied with PVC extinguisher pictogram sticker
  • Manufactured by Fire Depot

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