EcoGrid Aluminum Recessed Manhole Cover Double Sealed

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EcoGrid Alusthetic Aluminium Cover | Double Sealed 80mm Depth

EcoGrid Alusthetic manhole covers are the perfect choice for areas where an aesthetically pleasing inspection cover is required. The recessed top allows grass or block pavers to be installed blending in with the surrounding area. This particular listing is for the Double Sealed 80mm overall depth inspection cover. We also have the Triple Sealed 80mm Depth Aluminium Inspection Cover if required.

Available in both a double sealed or triple sealed configuration these access covers keep odours locked below ground level, this is ideal if covers are close to areas with high foot traffic. This odour locking system makes these covers especially well suited to patios and driveways. The seals used on these aluminium covers are made from 99.9% pure EPDM, ensuring it stands the test of time.

These aluminium recessed access covers are available in a wide range of sizes and depths giving you great flexibility when installing. Starting at 300x300mm, clear opening sizes go up to 1000x1000mm and many in between, we should have a cover to suit your needs without resorting to expensive bespoke solutions.

Key Features of our EcoGrid Alusthetic Aluminium Covers:

  • Easy to open with two lifting keys included
  • Waterproof & Odour proof
  • EPDM seal with “T-rubber” seal
  • Aluminium frame & cover
  • Reinforcement mesh included with the cover

Lifting Keys Included

These manhole covers are supplied with two lifting keys as standard meaning you will not need any additional tools or components to remove these covers once fitted. These keys are galvanised making them corrosion resistant and will remain durable over long periods of time.

These keys are used by simply removing the plastic dust cap, using the un-threaded end to remove the bolt from the keyhole, then swapping to the threaded end to screw into the cover.

Rubber Seals To Stop Odour Leakage

To keep these covers waterproof and odour proof, they have been linked with an elasticated rubber seal built into the side of the outer frame. This seal allows for reduced tension and prevention of dirt ingress between the cover and frame. This in turn reduces any unwanted odours from escaping the manhole.

Reinforcement Mesh For Added Rigidity

To improve the structural integrity of the cover once filled with your infill of choice, they are supplied with a reinforcement mesh which increases the load-bearing resistance of the cover infill. Many cheaper infill and recessed manhole covers do not have this feature making them less suited to areas with high loads.


AccuChecked ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
AccuPhoto ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
Depth In Tray Depth: 68mm Overall Depth: 80mm
Length Clear Opening :300mm | 450mm | 600mm | 750mm | 900mm | 1000mm External Size: 360mm | 510mm | 660mm | 810mm | 960mm | 1060mm
Width Clear Opening: 300mm | 450mm | 600mm | 750mm | 900mm | 1000mm External Size: 360mm | 510mm | 660mm | 810mm | 960mm | 1060mm
Type Aluminium

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