EcoGrid Bloxx - Concrete Inserts Black Or Terracotta Frames

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EcoGrid Bloxx Ground Reinforcement System | Concrete Inserts

EcoGrid Bloxx Paving systems are a new way of creating pathways, driveways or even patios in a simple jig-saw like style. Created using EcoGrid Bloxx Frames and concrete inserts, you will be able to achieve a permanently permeable surface in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional materials and methods. When using EcoGrid Bloxx, you will create a permeable surface that will easily absorb any surface water into the ground below meeting legal requirements and eliminating any headache or worry in rainy seasons.

When filled with four concrete inserts, the Bloxx frame has a carrying load of 800T/sqm and pressure resistance of 10T, making them extremely durable and supportive of high loads just like traditional concrete.

Each Bloxx insert weighs 2.12kg allowing them to be placed into the frames with no special training or tools by any lone worker. Concrete inserts are shipped on pallets of 432 weighing 940kg, allowing one pallet to cover 12m². Concrete inserts are available in Light grey (standard), Red, White & Anthracite. More colours may be available upon request, please call our sales team to request additional colours. We also have Rubber Inserts which are perfect for playgrounds of areas that require a softer surface and Granite Inserts for a nicer finish in the grids.

Key Features Of The Ecogrid Bloxx System

  • Permanently permeable - Designed to stop debris and dirt from entering the drainage channels, these paving grids will always allow water to pass through to the ground reducing the likelihood of flooding and standing water.
  • Compatible with EcoGrid E50 - As the Bloxx frame has a height of 50mm, it is the same size as the E50 EcoGrid. Use them together to create clear partitions between garden and pathway.
  • Made with 100% recycled polyethylene - Made with recycled materials these paving grids are eco-friendly and user friendly.
  • Multiple colours available - Multiple finishes and colours are available to fill the Bloxx frame giving you more options on how you want our spaces to look.
  • Resistant- Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols and petrol. No need to worry about vehicle or residue spillages.

Where Is this commonly used?

EcoGrid Bloxx is a great new way to create pathways, patios and car parks out of simple high-quality materials which will drain sustainably, and don’t require any specialist tools to install. Because of this, EcoGrid Bloxx can be used in a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications such as;

  • Car Parking
  • Events
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Disabled Access
  • Utility Spaces
  • Courtyards
  • Helipads

Why Choose The EcoGrid Bloxx?

Cellular paving grids are an up and coming way to create alluring patios, driveways and pathways whilst improving drainage in a sustainable way. These grids perform just as well as cellular grids but give a paved effect, which in certain settings is preferable. This paving system features a twin-wall design with an 18mm drainage void designed to allow debris and dirt to pass through making them permanently permeable massively reducing surface water runoff.

Improve the look of your outdoor garden areas, the Bloxx frame has a variety of infill options, choose between concrete, rubber or granite in an array of colours which leave you with a similar look to traditional paving slabs but with all the added benefits of sustainable drainage.

How Are EcoGrid Bloxx Used?

The EcoGrid Bloxx system is designed so that it can quickly and easily be installed by any competent DIY fan or contractor. Featuring the same easy locking connectors as the E30, E40 & E50, the EcoGrid Bloxx can be installed onto a properly prepared surface in seconds. When purchased by the pallet, all EcoGrid products come in pre locked sheets of 12 making laying and connecting these products a walk in the park, saving you time and money.

Fitting The EcoGrid Bloxx

A single Bloxx frame filled with concrete inserts weighs approximately 9.55kg, this is a fraction of the weight of a traditional concrete or granite paving slab which is brilliant news for whoever is laying the Bloxx. Once the grids are in place and locked together a simple follow-on task of dropping the infill blocks into place can be quickly carried out. There is no need for mortars, adhesives or other complicated bonding agents.

When using these grids on grass or soil, we advise using the GeoTextile Fleece Membrane as a foundation for the grids to prevent the growth of grass through the grids. This will still allow rainwater to pass through but will keep your grids clean and grass free.


AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Depth 50mm
Length 330mm
Wall Thickness 18mm
Width 330mm
Per Pallet Frame: 412kg | Bloxx Inserts 940kg
Type Recycled Polyethylene | Concrete
Coverage Per Pallet 57.33m²

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