EcoGrid E40 Curve & Expansion Connector Compatible With E40 & E50.

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EcoGrid E40 Curve Expansion Connector

When creating curved and circular pathways or patios with EcoGrid, you will find these EcoGrid Curve Expansion connectors are essential. These smaller paving grid sections are flexible and can expand or contract at each end allowing you to curve your grids in any way desirable and create consistent curves in your pathways, patios and driveways. These flexible connecting grids can be connected to create almost any severity of curve desired.

EcoGrid Curves are equally as easy to install as the standard EcoGrid cellular paving grids, such as the EcoGrid E40 and Ecogrid E50. In addition, they feature the same connectors as the traditional ground reinforcement grids allowing them to be easily integrated. This makes the act of installation fast, saving you time and money on additional supplies and labour.

These smart connectors are a great addition to the EcoGrid range as they allow you to be more creative with your pathways and garden layout without the difficulty of getting perfect curves right when using traditional cutting tools. As they feature the same connectors and structure as the paving grids, it means once filled, you will not even notice they are different from the standard grid. This listing is for the 40mm E40 variant of the Curve Expansion Connector, we also offer the 50mm E50 variant if that is required.

EcoGrid Curve Expansion Connector

EcoGrid Curve Expansion Connector Between EcoGrids Lifted

Key Features Of The Curve Expansion Connector

  • The same length as an EcoGrid - Will connect to an EcoGrid seamlessly with no gaps or unwanted space.
  • Available in 40mm & 50mm depths - Compatible with EcoGrid E40 & E50 matching both depths giving you a level pathway.
  • Can flex between 100mm - 160mm on either end - Create acute or obtuse angles with a single connector.
  • Easy to install - Simple connectors making for easy fitting with no additional components required.

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