Ecogrid E40 Medium-Duty Driveway & Road Grid

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EcoGrid E40 Universal Ground Reinforcement System

Whether it be pathways and pavements or LGV parking, the Ecogrid E40 is the most versatile of the EcoGrid range. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene with a 40mm height, the E40 is a more durable big brother to the Ecogrid E30. It is also a more cost-effective version to the E50 for applications where a very high load-bearing capacity is not needed.

Known as the universal grid, the E40 balances performance and budget giving great value for money, whilst still being capable of dealing with medium loads, it is, therefore, one of the most popular cellular paving grids we offer.

Each E40 tile is 330mm x 330mm and 40mm high with a wall thickness of 5mm making the E40 suitable for a range of jobs such as garden edging, vehicle parking and horse paddock.

EcoGrid E40 Key features

  • The most cost-effective the EcoGrid range - As it’s so versatile, the EcoGrid E40 is great value for money given its wide range of capabilities.
  • Widely recyclable - If you’re using the E40 temporarily, there’s no need to worry about disposing of it as it is widely recyclable.
  • Buy Ecogrids in bulk - EcoGrid E40’s come in pallets of 624 tiles which covers 69.33Sqm.
  • Load distributing interlocking design - The interlocking design of the Ecogrid improves installation speed and efficiency as it is easy enough for a single worker to lay quickly reducing staff costs. The interlocking system allows up to 500 tonnes to be evenly distributed across the EcoGrid, so unless HGV’s and Large plant equipment are going to be used on there, no worries about overloading the grid.
  • Heavy-duty - When filled the E40 can withstand a load of 500 tonnes p/sqm making it a solid option for car parks, caravan parks and van parking.
  • Sustainable drainage - A valuable characteristic of EcoGrids is that when used in large spaces, there’s no concern about the potential build-up of rainwater or flooding.
  • Resin-bound stone base - Resin-bound stone is becoming a more popular choice by the day and the EcoGrid is the optimal base for it.

Common Uses for the EcoGrid E40

As the most versatile of the three, the E40 is a multipurpose system, most commonly used for;

  • Shed & Garden office bases
  • Parking areas
  • Access routes
  • Construction sites
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Grassed parking
  • Animal compounds
  • Resin stone bases
  • Access roads

Effortless Installation

All EcoGrid products arrive in pre-locked sheets of 12 (1.33 square metres) improving the installation speed (100sqm/hr per person) and reducing fitting costs, with a patented interlocking system you don’t need to worry about having to order extra fitting components as all of that has been taken care of, just drop, lock and fill. Each square metre weighs approximately 5.22kg, making it easy enough for a single worker to lay, reducing the cost of fitting massively.

Attractive concrete substitute with natural drainage

When filled with an aggregate of your choice, the E40 is capable of withstanding a 20-tonne axle load, making it a great and cost-effective replacement for concrete. This is a valuable substitute for permanent flooring as it’s less harmful than the more common alternatives such as tarmac, resin or concrete, but also gives you more freedom with what you fill it with. This will also give you a permeable surface for large areas like parking and animal compounds, reducing the risk of flooding by providing sustainable drainage.

A Choice of colours to suit your needs!

Whatever your intended of the EcoGrid, there is a choice of four colours for you to choose from, giving you the option of adding small details to your flooring solution.


Conforms TÜV unlimited lifespan | DIN 1072 Carrying load up to 20 t axle load | DIN 38412 Environmentally neutral | DIN 1072 Road and footbridge | DIN EN ISO 124 B125 requirements for coverings on car parking areas
Depth 40mm
Length 330mm
Wall Thickness 7mm
Width 300mm
Per Pallet 470Kg (inc Pallet)
Per Unit 0.58kg
Type 100 % recycled polyethylene
Colour Black (standard) | Brown, Green, Grey (available special order)
Coverage Per Pallet 69.33m²
Per Pallet 624

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