EcoGrid E50 Angled Uplift Hinged Joiner. Compatible With EcoGrid E50

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EcoGrid Angled Uplift Hinged Joiner

The EcoGrid angled uplift hinged joiner is a specialist item that should be used to accommodate elevation changes on the surface when EcoGrids are being used instead of attempting to bend or connect the grids at an angle. The angled joiner features work just like a normal EcoGrid tile but feature a hinge in the middle making it easy to work with.

This connector is made from the same high-quality durable material as the standard paving grids allowing for a consistent level of durability across the pathway, driveway or embankment. By using this connector, you will be able to create safe inclines when required for car parks, garden paths, or patios.

These joinders angle from flat to 90° leaving you with next to no restrictions to work with when using the angled joiner with EcoGrid paving grids. They can also be used to improve the structural integrity of embankments that need reinforcing.  This is the listing for the 50mm height uplift joiner, we also have the 40mm joiner available should it be desired.

Key Features For The Angled Uplift Hinged Joiner

  • Available in 40mm & 50mm depths
  • Same connectors as other EcoGrid products
  • Compatible with EcoGrid E40 & E50

Create Angled Elevations With Ease

Use the EcoGrid Angled Joiner to create seamless elevations within your paving. These joiners click into EcoGrid paving grids with the same connectors used on the cellular paving grids. These grids allow for safe elevation changes with no risk of the grids slipping down the gradient thanks to the locking connectors on the joiner.

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Height 50mm
Length 330mm
Width 136mm
Type 100 % recycled polyethylene
Weight 0.56mm

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