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EcoGrid Grass Top Manhole Cover | Inc. Lifting Keys & Fully Galvanized Tray

For inconveniently placed manholes and drains in the middle of lawn areas, the EcoGrid GrassTop drainage cover is perfect to create a blend within the rest of the garden or landscape areas and hide your drain holes. These covers are one of a kind, featuring a factory fitted specialist membrane with a perforated base allowing excess water to gradually drain through the cover whilst keeping the grass inside the cover healthy and allowed to grow at a natural pace.

The EcoGrid GrassTops are available in a range of sizes from 220 to 300mm x 80mm to 900 x 900mm (internal opening size) and even a 450mm diameter circular cover giving you a wide range of sizes to hide your inspection hole without being an obvious cover. Whether it's grass or turf, the GrassTop Drainage cover is sure to disguise itself as the same surface as the original. The galvanised trays allow for soil or even seed planting to initiate the growth within the inspection cover.

The tray of these drainage covers is made from galvanised steel with pre-drilled drainage holes with a black polypropylene frame giving it a strong structure capable of holding your infills. Infills for this cover are not limited to Grass and Turf, it's also acceptable to use bark chippings, rubber crumb or similar material as infills for the inspection cover if your drains are placed in areas where the surrounding surface is not grass and may be positioned in a flowerbed or pathways.

ey Features Of The GrassTop Cover
  • Integrated paving grid - Fill with the same aggregate used in the surrounding areas for a seamless look
  • Factory fitted permeable membrane - Allows for water drainage without allowing any aggregate through to your drains eliminating the chances of blocking drains.
  • Galvanised Steel Tray - Solid durable tray with great corrosion resistance.
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes - Rain and surface water can drain away easily through the cover.

Factory fitted Membrane

Each inspection cover is supplied with a factory-fitted membrane in the bed of the tray which allows you to fill the tray without worrying about blocking the drainage holes. Although the membrane covers the holes, it is permeable allowing water to evenly pass through the membrane and through the holes and out of the tray stopping any chances of flooding or surface water build-up.

Pre-Installed Paving Grid

These drainage covers are supplied with pre-installed paving grids allowing you to fill the cover with the aggregate. By using the same aggregate as the surrounding areas a seamless look can be achieved.

Pre-Drilled Drainage Holes

These inspection covers have pre-drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the galvanised tray meaning the tray will not fill with water killing grass or becoming a permanent puddle. The holes in the tray are spaced out equally helping the tray drain water with ease at a steady rate.

Integrated Lifting Keys

This particular model of inspection cover has integral keys on each end of the tray which allow the trays to be lifted out of their holes with no need for additional tools. The keys are located under the key covers which are removed by simply lifting the cover then pulling the key out of the housing, this allows for quick and easy access for inspection.

Two-Part Recessed Drain Cover

Two-part drain covers feature a durable tray surround made from polyethylene, this ensures the cover is properly located at all times. The cover itself is made from galvanised steel which is corrosion resistant and strong enough to take vehicle traffic. Sealing rings between the two components prevent any odours from drains escaping.

Square To Round Inspection Covers

Frameless manhole covers that sit comfortably in tarmac or concreted areas that require no additional ground stabilisation.

Galvanised Trays With Polypropylene Frame

Similar to this inspection tray but with a 100% polypropylene frame for more structural integrity.

Grass & Gravel Manhole Covers

A drainage cover with a permeable membrane ad a pre-installed paving grid allowing you to fill this cover with gravel, stone and blend into areas with similar aggregates used.

Cellular Paving Grids

Cellular paving grids made to support a wide range of applications, from pathways to car parks, the Ecogrid paving grids can do it all.

EcoGrid Curve Expansion Connector

An expanding connector used between paving grids to create curves in your pathways and patios.


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Depth 80mm
Length 450mm | 600mm
Width 600mm
Type Galvanised Steel

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