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Emergency light servicing ensures you can rely on your safety lighting when needed during a power outage. Emergency lighting is an requirement in most non-domestic premises is to ensure emergency routes and exits are adequately illuminated at all times, and so is the maintenance.

British Standards 5266-8:2004 and EN 50172:2004 requires a monthly self-test, as well as an annual ‘drain’ maintenance test carried out by a service engineer, on all emergency lighting.

With the monthly self-test, you switch off the mains power supply to the lighting units and ensure all emergency lights are working and illuminated. This is made easier by having a separate switch with ‘fish key’ installed in the system which means you haven’t got to switch off all power. Record your results and contact us if you require the repair of any defects.

How Often Should You Service Your Emergency Lights

Full emergency light servicing is required annually (although recommended every 6 months in some premises) and requires a trained engineer. They will check your system is fully compliant and switch off the mains power supply to the lighting units, usually for the full three hours. Your emergency lighting should remain on for the whole period, and should any fail, the battery back-up or lighting unit may need replacing.

Our technicians can service maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting systems of any size in shops and offices, schools and colleges, care homes and hospitals, factories and warehouses, public buildings, village halls, churches, HMOs, and anywhere else we are needed.

Due to the time required to carry out the tests, consider having your emergency light servicing carried out in the same visit as your fire alarm and fire extinguisher maintenance. This helps to minimise disruption and fills the waiting time of the ‘drain’ test with useful activity. Contact us for a special price if you want all three services carried out together.

Currently, we’re able to offer emergency light servicing in London and surrounding areas.

How To Calculate Your Emergency Light Servicing Price

Unlike many who claim to maintain emergency lights, we’re completely upfront and transparent about our prices. You’ll be hard-pushed to find better value.

Our prices are based on the number of emergency lights installed in your premises, including downlights, bulkheads, and fire exit light signs. Some emergency lights are difficult to tell apart from standard ones. They tend to have a little LED green light somewhere on the body.

Number of lights Cost including attendance
1-10 lights £77.97 ex Vat
11-20 lights £119.97 ex Vat
21-40 lights £159.97 ex Vat
41-80 lights £229.99 ex Vat
80-120 lights £299.97 ex Vat
120+ A Site visit would be needed

An hourly charge of £65 + VAT will be charged for additional work required, as well as the cost of any batteries or parts which need replacing.

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