EPDM Black Edge Protector Strip 10m x 22 mm x 10mm

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RS PRO Flexible EPDM Edge Protector Strip with Sealing Section:
From RS Pro a excellent flexible area protector strip or edging strip made from EPDM rubber with a hole sponge rubber sealing phase bonded to it. This rubber aspect protector strip plays features; the threshold protector covers and protects the pointy edges of sheet material inclusive of metallic panels and the sponge rubber segment gives extra sealing. The part protector strip has a strong layout which includes a U shaped steel insert strip covered in an extruded black EPDM coating. A looped twine carrier is included inside the strip. The area safety strip is absolutely pressed into location with the aid of hand and the lips in the EPDM coating and teeth in the steel insert maintain the inserted side in region the use of a clamping effect. There isn't any want for any additional preparatory paintings, tooling or adhesives.

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is a synthetic rubber appropriate for use in the automotive and positive industries for various seals due to its incredible resistance to standard weathering.

RS PRO have a exceptional variety of sealing answers such as brush strips, area protectors, edging strips and sealing strips to meet all your requirements. Our RS PRO rubber edging strips come in more than a few widths and channel kinds and lengths of 20 m.

Features and Benefits:
• EPDM rubber for resistance to water, ozone, UV and oxidation together with correct temperature and weathering residences.
• Sponge rubber sealing section for extra sealing and shock absorption
• Looped twine carrier
• Easy to match, definitely press into location through hand
• No extra equipment adhesives required
• Grooved profile to maintain facet into location
• Embedded metallic insert for additonal retention

Edge safety strips are utilized in a wide variety of programs and industries to cowl sharp or uncooked edges on panels and doors. Protection is supplied each to the door or panel facet and in opposition to damage or harm that the pointy edges may additionally reason. Using those aspect protectors also offers a neat finish or decorative impact to an give up product. When used with sheet metallic fabric these facet protectors assist to reduce noise, put on and tear as a result of vibration. Edge protection strips can be used on plastics and metalwork in a huge range of industries and are normally used inside the automobile industry as automotive trimmings.

Applications include:
• Spare tyre and radio compartment reduce-outs in automobiles
• Control panels and home windows in huge machines
• Underbody car protection to prevent wires from rubbing
• Seat frames in motors
• Openings in refuse boxes

Edging Strips and door seals are suitable for use in a extensive range of programs

Household doors and window frames
Electrical installation
Shop becoming
Factory floors and machinery
Automotive manufacturing lines
Rail industry
Machine creation
General industry

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