EPDM Black Edge Protector Strip 20m x 15 mm x 6.8mm

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RS Pro EPDM Flexible Edge ProtectorsA

From RS Pro a outstanding flexible area protector strip or edging strip designed as a simple manner to cover and defend the pointy edges of sheet cloth which includes metallic panels. The edge protector is crafted from EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber which has first-rate waterproofing and weathering houses. The rubber edging strip is clearly pressed into location round the brink by means of hand wherein it'll maintain itself tightly in area. There is not any want for any extra preparatory paintings, tooling or adhesives.

EPDM rubber is a long lasting and versatile cloth with a variety of homes making it perfect for both indoor and out of doors use.
• Waterproof and weatherproof
• Provides insulation towards sound and vibration
• Resistant to ozone and UV (Ultra Violet)
• Resistant to solvents and dilute acids
• Performs beneath a huge temperature variety
• Flexible with excellent compression


Edge protection strips are utilized in a extensive range of programs and industries to cover sharp or uncooked edges on panels and doorways. Protection is provided each to the door or panel part and towards injury or damage that the pointy edges may additionally purpose. Using these side protectors additionally presents a neat end or ornamental effect to an quit product. When used with sheet metallic cloth those facet protectors help to reduce noise, wear and tear as a consequence of vibration. Edge protection strips can be used on plastics and metal paintings in each industrial and industrial applications and are typically used inside the automotive enterprise as car trimmings.

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