EPDM Brown Draught Excluder 10m x 9 mm x 5.5mm

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Stormguard Self Adhesive Draught Excluder Strip – P Profile:
From Stormguard a self-adhesive rubber draught excluder or door sealing strip designed for filling in gaps around the edges of hinged doorways and windows. This door sealing strip is crafted from first-rate long existence weather proof EPDM rubber with a peel off backing that exposes a sticky adhesive. The strip is simple to apply, sincerely press firmly in location across the window or door frame, no extra fixings are required. This draught excluder strip has a P formed profile and can seal gaps from three mm to 5 mm.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Suitable for sealing all hinged doors and home windows
• Easy to cut to size and set up
• Resistant to stretching, both at some stage in fitting and in use
• Self-adhesive backing for brief and easy fitting
• ’P’ type profile appropriate for filling in gaps of 3 mm to five mm
• Neat finish and smooth to wipe smooth
• Supplied in a ten m coil

This draught excluder strip is right for filling in small gaps round both timber and uPVC window and door frames. By imparting a good seal, cold air is avoided from coming into the room and domestic insulation is progressed. This draught excluder can also be used on free becoming doors or home windows to prevent banging.

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