EuroMat 2-Way or 4-way Couplers

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EuroMat 2-way and 4-way Connectors

The 2 and 4-way connectors are the standard method for connecting EuroMats together. They are of Urethane construction and insert from the underside of the mats and are then fixed from above via M10 bolts.

  • Easy to use and fix
  • Solid construction
  • Suitable for most applications
  • Bolts and washers included


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Depth 4-way: 186mm, 2 -way: 55mm
Height 33mm
Width 4-way: 186mm, 2-way: 182mm
Finish Black connector with BZP bolts
Type 100% Urethane Connectors, Graded 8.8 Steel Bolts
Weight 4-way Connector (per set): 480g, 2-way Connector (per set): 185g

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