Extra Wide & Hard Wearing Black Drainage Utility Open Ring Matting

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  • Good nonslip characteristics
  • Anti Creep Design
  • Good impact resistance
  • Extra-wide width/lengths
  • Coru549U is a robust, heavy-duty, hard-wearing matting manufactured for universal durability and utilitarian applications.
  • Commonly referred to as Utility matting, this matting is a versatile material suitable for a wide range of applications requiring protection, sound insulation, and underfoot comfort combined with good fluid drainage.







Density (Specific Gravity)


Hardness shore A


Tensile Strength kg/cm2


Elongation at Break


Slip Resistance


Temperature Resistance, MAX

-30 to +70oC

  • Typically used to provide permanent or temporary slip-resistant walkway protection, drainage, insulation, or sound deadening on concrete floors and other types of surfaces.
  • Also extensively used for horse boxes, livestock, transit vehicles, veterinary surgeries, dog kennels, and training areas, industrial lorries, and vehicles assisting the safe transportation of goods.
  • The material is very common in the Australian "UTE" (Utility) vehicle market as an excellent accessory to put on pickup truck beds to protect the vehicle, allow for drainage and take abuse from the day-to-day working life.
  • The matting is also highly effective in wet areas and surrounding pools for human and animal use.
  • This is due to its excellent drainage design and wide surface area between drainage holes and groves thus providing a cushioned underfoot, smooth but grippy surface preventing trips, slips, and falls.
  • As a precaution, even In the event of a trip, slip, or fall, the 10mm thickness provides good shock and impact protection.
  • The Coru549 has been described by customers as "providing a supported cushioning effect to minimize the effects and help protect from serious injury". 
  • Good durability & resilience
  • Attractive finish and appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Good cold floor to foot insulation properties

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