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The Alert point (and Alert Point Lite - see options) from STI is a huge leap forward in stand-alone fire alarm technology. Compact and robust in an easily recognisable red polycarbonate case, the Alert point is interlinkable, very loud at 102db (with seven settings for different sounds, levels and durations) and it's kinda cute!
The call point is plastic, virtually unbreakable and resettable with a special key (included) It even has a tamper-proof alarm and hidden screws to stop removal. It will even connect to other call points, smoke detectors and sounders (as long as they have a built in relay output option) and has built in end-of-line resistors.
Note - the optional Alert Point Lite does not have detector, call point and beacon outputs, tamper switch, relay and external power terminals or the LED indication. Otherwise it looks identical
  • Suitable for small shops, workshops, construction sites, building sites, churches, village halls, marquees and anywhere that a temporary alarm could be needed
  • Fixing requires screw to wall

Technical Specification

  • Easy to install with no wiring and four screws
  • Call point is resettable with no broken glass to replace
  • 9v PP3 battery included - good for 15 months plus low battery warning
  • Interlinkable with 0.5mm "bell wire"
  • LED indicates system healthy, fault and activation (not on Lite version)
  • Muliple user-settable sounder tones, loudness (max 102db) and durations
  • Height 170 mm
  • Width 125 mm
  • Depth 58 mm

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