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The Howler Site Alert fire alarm is the brand new baby brother of the original Howler fire alarm; for many years, the construction site standard. Despite being designed to be a budget version of the original, this one is interlinkable to up to 20 others, has a red flashing light and has an illuminated push button switch.

The interlinking uses simple two core cable (bell wire) so when one is set off, they all go off and, having the strobe light as a standard feature, this alarm will be seen in noisier environments where the 100db sounder may not be heard.

Note - the bulk offer prices offer exceptional quantity savings such as 12 for the price of 10.

  • Suitable for building sites, temporary buildings, small workshop
  • Fixing requires screws and wallplugs to screw to wall

Technical Specification

  • Battery powered - 9v battery included
  • Interlinkable - up to 20 units
  • Illuminated push button operation and strobe light included
  • Tough polypropylene container
  • Alarm siren level 100 decibels
  • Height 260 mm
  • Width 160 mm
  • Depth 75 mm

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