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Designed for individual flats, houses and apartments, the stand-alone C-TEC domestic fire alarm kit is easy to operate and upgrades the fire protection of your home. With a longer lifespan than your ordinary smoke alarm, these are less expensive to replace than your ordinary mains smoke alarm with the whole system only having one back-up battery to replace.

The kit includes a control panel and PSU, as well as three detectors with bases and sounder. Generally, you would install the heat detector in your kitchen, the optical detector in a living room, and the multi-sensor detector in a hallway or landing along with the sounder. If you require more detectors, simply add these to your order.

Upgrade Your Home Smoke Alarms

Raising the typical level of fire protection in a dwelling from BS 5839-6 Grade D to Grade C, it even consumes up to 50% less mains power than a typical Grade D system and uses the same wiring scheme for a hassle-free upgrade. Additionally, the system doesn’t require maintenance visits with a monthly occupant test being sufficient.

When it comes to testing or silencing the alarms, there’s also no need to stand on a chair. With the system controller installed at an easy-to-access height, it can be done with the push of a button, helping to facilitate compliance with the Equality Act too. The controller is simple to use, consisting of two buttons and four LED condition indicators, has an unobtrusive design to fit a double-gang socket and includes a replaceable 72-hour standby battery that lasts over 10 years in normal usage.

Manufactured by C-TEC as part of their ActiV range, this is suitable for installation indoors by an electrician or another competent person.

Please Note: If you wish to add more devices to your system such as detectors, call points or sounders, simply ensure they’re compatible with a conventional fire alarm system. It is also possible to incorporate two outputs and one input to integrate with third-party systems such as sprinklers and intruder alarms.


C-TEC Domestic Fire Alarm Kit Contents

  • 1 x Double Gang Hush-ActiV Controller c/w 72-hour standby battery
  • 1 x Double Gang 230V/24V 250mA PSU
  • 1 x ActiV multi-sensor
  • 1 x ActiV smoke detector
  • 1 x ActiV 60°C heat detector
  • 3 x ActiV diode detector bases
  • 1 x ActiV base sounder
  • 1 x lid for base sounder

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