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Fire brigade keys are commonly used by the emergency services as a way of accessing restricted areas in an emergency where a fire brigade lock or padlock is used. With our range including all types and sizes available, these provide an easy and hassle-free method of acquiring additional keys for your FB padlock. Keys are available to purchase individually or as a complete set.

FB1, FB2, and FB4 keys are used to lock and unlock fire brigade mortice and rim locks with the same code, while 2” FB, FB11 and FB14 keys are for use with fire brigade padlocks. Together, these allow fire, police and ambulance services entrance through doors, gates, and cupboards and access to dry risers, fire hydrants, gas and electrical meters.

Fire brigade padlocks are available to purchase separately.

Technical Specification

  • FB1 Key: 96 x 25 x 8mm
  • FB2 Key: 100 x 27 x 9mm
  • FB4 Key: 96 x 25 x 8mm
  • FB11 Key: 54 x 25 x 7mm
  • FB14 Key: 53 x 25 x 6mm
  • 2” FB Key: 39 x 18 x 5mm
  • Suitable for use of fire brigade locks and padlocks
  • Manufactured by Fire Depot

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