Fire Cable Trunking Clips 18th Edition

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The new 18th Edition fire cable trunking clips (packs of 100) are ideal for new installations and retrofits to ensure that cabling installed within plastic trunking is still compliant to the latest standard.

This was Industrial Product of the Year 2017. In a fire, trunking will melt, but with these clips installed within the trunking, the wiring is still kept up and out of the way. The Firefly cable clips are specifically engineered to stay in place and be fire resistant for prolonged periods

With six sizes available to suit all plastic trunking, these range from 25mm x 16mm to 50mm x 50mm, each pack containing 100 fire cable trunking clips.

Now a requirement for ALL cable installations to be fire resistant, and no longer just fire alarm wiring or cables along escape routes, these clips have been designed to prevent firefighter deaths caused by entrapment from falling overhead cabling. It is essential that electrical cable installers are up to date with new regulations as they are ultimately responsible.

How Do Fire Cable Trunking Clips Work?

The 18th Edition fire cable trunking clips have a spring-loaded designed which makes them easy to install and remove from the trunking, and means they can dig in tighter as the trunking melts. It also makes them quick and easy to install and reuse.

Each clip then requires one screw for fixing to the masonry or cavity surface behind to ensure the cable is held independently of the trunking, whilst keeping them hidden from view. However, these are also suitable for use to secure wiring in any environment and not just for trunking applications.

It’s recommended these are installed every 300mm along a cable and is suitable for wall and ceiling installations.


Manufactured by Firefly Fixings in the UK, the fire cable trunking clips are compliant with the recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings BS7671 Amendment 3 and boasts numerous awards. The zinc-plated steel 18th Edition fire cable trunking clip has a melting point of over 1000°C, is fire resistant for 120 minutes in accordance with BSEN 50200 and are smoke emission tested to London Underground Standard.

Technical Specification

  • Sizes available to suit most trunking
  • >1000°C melting point
  • 120-minute fire resistance in accordance with BSEN50200
  • Compliant with the requirements of BS 5839-1: 2013
  • Smoke emission tested to London Underground Standard
  • Meets recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings BS7671 Amendment 3
  • Industrial Product of the Year 2017
  • Manufactured by Firefly Fixings

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