Fire Nozzles DO9 Jet Spray Long Pattern

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The DO9 industrial range of fire nozzles are manufactured in Light Alloy to provide lightweight fire nozzles that remain capable of heavy duty industrial work. The DO9 is highly durable and can be used for a multitude of purposes from general fire fighting to wash-down and dust suppression and can be considered as a true multi purpose nozzle.

These fire nozzles offer both jet and spray patterns achieved simply by gripping the rubber bumper ring and rotating the barrel through JET ONLY, JET and SPRAY to a wide angle WATER CURTAIN when fully opened.

The protective front bumper ring will also protect the fire nozzle from accidental impact with a hard surface and help to prevent ‘metal to metal’ sparking if dropped on a steel deck.

Technical Specification

  • Jet / Spray Nozzle
  • Water Curtain Facility
  • M.E.D. Approved

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