Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Orange/White)

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The Bollards are made only from 100% pure new polyurethane
The Flexible Bollards is virtually indestructible.
Made from a very robust polyurethane material, these flexible bollards are quite effective at demarcating out of bounds areas in car parks or other similar areas.
While providing an excellent method of deterring traffic from entering into these areas they are also extremely strong and can withstand being run over several times over by cars, trucks and forklifts once it is properly installed into the ground.
The highly visible reflective strips alert drivers to its presence and will ensure they can see these flexible posts are in place.
When installed these flexible posts will show extreme strength and durability and will last for a long time in use.
They can survive all kinds of conditions when used outside
When a vehicle moves over them these rubber flexible bollards will spring back into place immediately.
This makes them perfect for using in car parks or loading bays where ambulances or fire trucks may have to access the area quickly in an emergency situation
These flexible posts are also highly visible and will be seen by all in the vicinity, urging them to keep in lanes or stay out of unauthorised areas
They can also be bolted directly into the ground, quickly and easily and provide great service for a long time
These flexible posts are ideal for use in many kinds of areas and will withstand all kinds of punishment during their lifetime.
Height: 1000mm
Diameter: 80mm
Base Width: 200mm
Drilled holes diameter: 16mm

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