Water Polo Matting Open Grid Matting Antimicrobial and Antifungal Mats

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The mat's etched surface provides excellent slip resistance, while the open grid with channelled bars delivers the highest level of drainage, ensuring the water polo matting remains safe for players and referees. Antimicrobial and antifungal additives keeps the pool matting hygienic and protects bare feet.


Comes in a 15m roll (green 10m, yellow 3m, red 2m)


Quick to lay down for field set-up


This outdoor poolside mat is light to carry and store; easy to clean

Size: Height 6mm x Length 15m x Wide 0.6m (49’ x 2’) 2m (6'7") red, 4m (13'1") yellow, 9m (29'6") green (supplied in 1 roll)          


Size: Height 6mm x Length 15m x Wide 0.91m (49’ x 3’) 2m (6'7") red, 4m (13'1") yellow, 9m (29'6") green (supplied in 1 roll)


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