GeoTextile Fleece 100gsm For Drainage & Ground Stability

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100gsm Non-Woven Fleece GeoTextile Membrane

For Drainage, Ground Stability, Filtration and Separation

When laying a new driveway using one of our many “ground grid” systems the last thing you want is for weeds or mud to surface from beneath. By using a non-woven geotextile you will not only improve the performance of your grid but help prevent maintenance down the line.

These specialist membranes are thermally bonded, nonwoven, making them very durable, and tear resistant. Ideal for use in many applications such as those mentioned above.

They are commonly found in:

  • Horse Arenas and Equestrian Paddocks
  • Road Construction
  • Rail Construction
  • Drainage Ditches And Channels
  • Soakaways
  • Driveways and Commercial Parking Areas
  • Decorative Gravel-Covered Flower Beds.

EcoGrid E50 being installed over a GeoFabric.

What Does The Membrane Actually Do?

It prevents mixing of different aggregates whilst still allowing water to pass through. This is important as it helps to prevent mixing of the various sub bases required under plastic paving (and other paving for that matter).

What the membrane ultimately aims to achieve is the prevention of finer bedding material (such as the sharp sand laid underneath the pavers) from being washed into voids, or from rising up through the gravel in the pavers.

Lots more information can be found here on the ever informative “paving expert” website.

100gsm, What Does It Mean?

GSM when referring to fabrics such as these refers to their weight in grams per square metre. So with this in mind, this fabric weighs 100 grams per square metre. Should you need a quote on a heavier duty or lighter geotextile then please give us a call on 01905 794 875.

How Do I Use This Geotextile With My Chosen Grid?

This fabric is laid below the grid, for a typical domestic install, this would be underneath the sharp sand or fine stone that your chosen paving is laid onto. This prevents the sand mixing into the soil underneath. For heavier duty applications where a heavier duty hardcore has been installed then we would recommend using membrane both under the hardcore and under the fine sand layer.

How Much Do I Need?

We sell different sized rolls of this material. To calculate how much of the material you need multiply the length of the area to be covered by the width.

E.g. 5 metres x 8 metres = 40 Square Metres.


There are four roll sizes to choose from including 2.25 x 100m, 1.125 x 100m, 2.25 x 20m or 4.5 x 100m.


Mechanical Proterties Test Unit Performance
Tensile Strength – MD EN ISO 10319 kN/m 8.0
Tensile Strength – XD EN ISO 10319 kN/m 8.0
Elongation at Break – MD EN ISO 10319 % 40
Elongation at Break – XD EN ISO 10319 % 45
CBR Puncture Resistance EN ISO 12236 N 1400
Dynamic Cone Drop EN 918 mm 34.0
Protection Efficiency WI 189066 N 65.0
Hydraulic Properties Test Unit Performance
Permeability EN ISO 11058 m/s 110 x 10-3
Waterflow Normal to the Plane EN ISO 11058 l/m2.s 110
Waterflow in the Plane EN ISO 12958 m2/s 1 x 10-7
Characteristic Opening Size EN ISO 12956 µm 130.0
Physical Properties Test Unit Performance
Thickness Under 2kPa EN 964/1 mm 1.00
Weight EN 965 g/m2 110.0


Conforms See Table Above.
Length 100m | 20m | 10m Depending on Choice.
Width 4.5m | 2.25m | 1.25m Depending on Choice.
Per Unit 100gsm
Type Non-Woven
Colour White
Customisation Different Weights Available

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