Glass Beads for Thermoplastic Road Markings

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Glass beads for Thermoplastic road markings (per kg)

Sold in 1kg quantities and weighed out to order.

This glass bead is used as an anti-skid measure and increases the durability of thermoplastic road markings. In addition, it adds retro-reflective visibility. Use sparingly across markings - the recommended amount to use is 250g per square metre.

Most customers purchase this to add additional grip where vehicles are may drive over the markings, or better visibility is required at night.

This product is designed for use with our wide range of thermoplastic products only.

How to use this product

Glass bead is simple and quick to apply during installation of hotmark thermoplastic road markings. Immediately after warming the thermoplastic to its ideal application temperature (when it has started to turn into a fluid state), this is when glass bead should be sprinkled as evenly as possible over the line.

Although the application guidance is a relatively small 250 grams per square metre, with line markings it is advised to allow much more than this as a significant amount won't fall on the marking when sprinkling. Please see the 'downloads' tab for more guidance in thermoplastic marking application.

Example: Each kg of glass bead, if applied without any waste would be able to cover 3 - 4 rolls of 5m x 100mm thermoplastic line markings.


Per Bag 25kg per whole bag (also sold per kg)
Type Glass, powdered
Colour Translucent / White
Density 1.5 - 1.6 g/cm3
Application 250g per square metre covered. Adds anti-skid / grip and retro-reflective visibility.

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