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Blue GS6 Kit - Rail Industry Grade

Our Blue height restriction kits are designed for the rail industry where red products are generally not allowed for fear of being mistaken for signals. In many ways, these kits are the same as their Standard GS6 Kit counterparts, with the colour being the only differentiating factor.

These GS6 posts should be used either side of an overhead obstacle whilst construction work is being carried out. When installed in this way they act as a height restriction barrier giving advanced warning to vehicles that they are over the given hight limit. The overhead obstacles seen in the rail industry are much the same as those seen on the road and include power lines, bridges and signalling gear.

The contrasting blue and white sections of these kits make them much easier to see from a distance than if they were just one colour. There are several kit options to choose from when purchasing your blue GS6 kit, these include different bases, top bars and bunting.



Conforms HSE GS6 Compliant, MIRA wind speed tested Metro Block base upto 50mph, insulated to 75kv
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Diameter Smallest Telescopic Pole: 30mm, Largest Telescopic Pole: 48mm
Length Telescopic Pole: 180-747.6cm, Rigid Crossbar: 241-782cm, Bunting: 25m Metro Block: 52x52x50cm, Metal Base: 50x50x49cm
Per Unit Bunting: 265g, Metro Block Base: 8.6kg, Metal Base; 13.16kg, Rigid Crossbar: 3.9kg, Telescopic Poles: 3.2kg
Type Poles: Fibreglass with Nylon hand clamps, Metal Bases: Powder Coated Steel, Metro Block: Polyethylene
Colour Blue & White alternate sections with Black bases
Customisation Custom signage available e.g. 'Caution Overhead Structures' and 'Live Wires Overhead'

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