Guarda Post & Base Chain Barriers - Concrete, Rubber or Water Fillable Base Options

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Guarda Post & Base Barrier System

The Guarda post and base system is available with colour and base options to suit your requirements. The posts are available in either white and red or yellow and black. Either post is compatible with the three different base options we have.

The striped posts are highly visible from a distance making them exceptional for use in busy industrial areas,  where forklifts/vehicular traffic is sharing the same area as pedestrians.

We also offer these items in a kit form of 6 posts with 10 metres of chain.

Base options guarda

Base Options

Water-fillable Plastic Base

Plastic Fillable Base

If you want a lightweight setup that you can deploy and transport easily then this will be the option for you. When adding Water we recommend adding a splash of antifreeze in colder climates.

Concrete Bases Covered in Plastic

Plastic Concrete Base

The concrete filled base is the most cost-effective option we have available. This plastic shell is filled with concrete making it the heaviest base to choose from.

Hard Rubber Foot

Hard Rubber Base

This base is made from recycled rubber. The hard-wearing nature of this base helps to increase the lifespan of the product.


AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
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Diameter Post: 46mm
Height 870mm (with base)
Per Unit Post: 225g, Concrete Base: 2480g, Rubber Base: 1340g, Plastic Fillable Base: 380g (empty)
Type Post: PVC, Base: recycled rubber. Plastic hollow, Plastic concrete filled
Colour Yellow and Black or Red and White

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