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The Firex KF30LL long life heat alarm with lithium battery backup is provides protection for any kitchen (replaced the discontinued Kidde 4892). Smoke alarms and kitchens do not go well together so the heat detector is perfect as it will not go off with burnt toast and steam. This is also the best alarm for a garage as it won't be affected by fumes and dust.

Fully conforming to BS 5839-part 6 Grade D, it will interconnect to up to 23 other Firex or Kidde Slick mains alarms and fitting is very easy. This detector has a 6 year warranty which includes the battery along with a single hush and test button. The battery is included. Always have ionisation and/or optical alarms in the house, as well as heat alarms.
Note - the long life version with a lithium backup battery includes the battery life in the 6 years of the alarm warranty. Standard backup batteries need replacing every 12 months.
  • Heat alarms are suitable for kitchens, garage and dusty rooms - a house should also have a combination of optical and ionisation
  • Do not use in in bedrooms, hallways or shower room
  • Fixing requires two little screws and wallplugs (included) to screw to ceiling or use sticky pads

Technical Specification

  • 6-year warranty including the long life lithium battery
  • BSi Kitemarked to BS 5839 Part 6 Grade D, CE Marked
  • Long life backup battery included plus single test and hush button
  • Interconnectable to 23 other alarms from the Firex and Kidde Slick range
  • Diameter 127mm
  • Depth 39mm
  • Manufactured by Kidde Firex

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