Heat BR Detector Apollo Series 65

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The Apollo Series 65 Heat BR Detector works by using two thermistors. One is exposed, whilst the other is thermally insulated. Under stable conditions, both have the same value. However, when the temperature increases rapidly, the resistance of the exposed thermistor drops. When this happens by a pre-set value, the alarm gets triggered.

This rate-of-rise heat detector is suitable for where smoke detectors are not suitable, such as dirty or smoky conditions.

Using this detector with a variety of different sensor types gives you a solid fire alarm system. It shares a similar look to other Apollo detectors, meaning you’re not sacrificing appearance for safety.

Please note that bases are not supplied, and sold separately.

Apollo 65 Series Heat BR Detector

Technical Specification

  • Series 65 detectors have a wide voltage range (9-33 volt DC)
  • Can be integrated on to security systems
  • When used with the 12 volt relay base (45681-508)
  • CE Marked

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