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Not only is this fixed temperature BR Heat Detector ideal for environments where steam, dust and fumes are commonplace, its high-temperature range means false alarms are greatly reduced. With the detector activating a UK fire alarm when temperatures reach between 69°C and 85°C, its suitable for detecting fires even in extreme environments you may find industrial settings. The type B, high (75°C) fixed temperature heat detector gives reliable detection where you need it most.

With a full name of C-TEC ActiV Optical Smoke Detector, these detectors are manufactured in the UK and certified to EN54-7 and IP42 rated. Stylishly manufactured of white polycarbonate, the ActiV heat detector features two ultra-bright LED indicating strips meaning they offer 360° visibility when illuminated.

Suitable for any conventional fire alarm system, it should be used with other smoke detectors where appropriate, and needs installing with a heat suitable detector base (available separately).

Technical Specification

  • Wide operating voltage 6-33V DC
  • Certified to EN54-5 by Intertek
  • Simple twist and click design
  • Can be used on virtually all know conventional panels
  • 102.2mm diameter x 37mm deep (detector in base); 102.2mm diameter x 57.5mm deep.
  • Two 8mm x 2mm LED indicating strips for clear 360º visibility 
  • Detector alarms when it detects a temperature of between 69ºC & 85ºC.
  • IP42 Rated
  • Range of bases available
  • CE Marked
  • Made in the UK by C-TEC

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