Heavy Duty Acrylic Road Line Marking Paint 5 Litres - Chlorinated Rubber Alternative

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Line Marking Paint - 6kg / 25kg

If you are unable to use thermoplastic road markings, then our StartMark paint may be just what you need. The paint is a single pack (meaning it does not require mixing with an activator) and does not contain Toluene and Xylene that often found in other road marking paints.

The paint is applied with a brush, roller or spray machine. It has a fast drying time that makes it ideal for use in busy areas. It requires only 25 minutes (when applied at a thickness of 700 microns) before being touch dry.

The paint is high build and suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications like those found in warehouses, airports, factories, loading bays and car parks. It is ideal for marking out loading areas, parking bays and walkways. It is also perfect for marking out exclusion zones around heavy factory equipment and automated processes.

Better For the Environment

This paint is much kinder to the environment, and the person applying it than traditional high Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.s.) paints such as Chlorinated Rubber and Epoxy line marking paints. Even so, we strongly recommend reading through all the safety data sheets before making your purchase and again before applying the paint.

Multiple Colours To Choose From

The paint can is available in various colours that include, White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and Black (ideal for masking old markings). The yellow and white colours are by far the most popular for marking out hazard areas and parking bays.

Shelf Life:

The paint can be stored in an unopened container for 12 months before its performance is affected. It should be kept at between 5°C and 35°C  while in storage for optimum performance.

Application Of The Paint

The paint can be applied using a brush, airless spray system or solvent friendly roller. Before using the paint, there is a small amount of preparation required to get the best results.

  1. Give the whole area to be painted a good clean. The area to be covered by the line markings should be dry, free of dust, grease, oil and road salts. Pressure washing the surface several hours before is usually sufficient to achieve this.
  2. If the surface to be coated is sealed smooth concrete you may require a primer (our 5l tin only). We have this available to purchase as a separate product.
  3. Once the surface is ready (and primed if necessary), then you can begin painting. Mix the paint thoroughly to ensure the pigment is evenly distributed then start the application by your chosen method.
  4. If a “non-slip” finish is desired for walkways or colour bays, then our glass bead aggregate should be applied while the paint is curing. It should then be sealed in with a second coat.

It is important to note that the paint should not be applied if the air temperature or surface temperatures are bellow 5°C

Applying Paint Over Current Lines?

If you are applying the paint over existing lines that are in good condition then you can apply the paint without any further procedures. If the paint is in poor condition then your will need to apply a primer before applying the paint.

If the existing lines are thermoplastic then you would need to burn and scrape away the old thermoplastic before applying the new lines. In this instance we recommend reapplying thermoplastic rather than paint.


Per Unit ~6 kg/ 5L | ~25kg / 20L
Type Solvent Based Paint
Colour White, Red, Green, Blue, Black or Yellow
Coverage One 25kg tin / 45sqm
Application By Brush, Roller or Airless Spray System.

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