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HiMast™ Passive Sign Support System

HighMast™ sign posts are a lifesaving passively safe post that can be installed at points where any out of control vehicle could have a collision with the post. Specially designed to give way in a controlled manner after being impacted by an out of control vehicle minimising the risk of injury to any passengers onboard.

Manufactured in the UK this passive safety post is made from a specially engineered aluminium extrusion that meets all the requirements of BS EN 12767 in single and multi-legged applications. Regardless of which direction the impact comes from the post will react in the same way giving a passive performance in all directions.

The structure of the post is with its extruded aluminium profile is inherently anti-climb, reducing the risk of vandalism to signage or falls. A 100 NE 2 rating means that HiMast™ sign posts can be used on all speeds of UK Roads. The NE rating ensures that the post has a minimal impact on the deceleration of any vehicle impacting the post.

IMPORTANT, Price is for H500 at 2.8m in length, for other sizes please call our sales team for a quote.

Post, Cage & Bolts Kit

Key Features:

  • Five Sizes Available Suitable For All UK Road Signage
  • MIRA Tested to EN 12767 In Mulitple and single-legged designs
  • 100 NE 2 Rating
  • Anti Climb Design
  • Corrosion-resistant extruded aluminium profile
  • Ultra-Fast Reinstatement after a collision
  • CE Marked With Technical Drawings Available
  • A cost-saving yet In no way inferior alternative to other passive posts on the market
Post with Cage

Available In Different Sizes

The HiMast Passive sign post system comes in 5 different sizes allowing it to be used on B roads all the way through to high-speed motorways.

  Section Size Unfactored Bending Capacity Unfactored Torsional Capacity Anchorage Centres
H500 125mm x 125mm 12.7 kNm 13.3 kNm 4 bolt 140mm x 140mm
H1000 159mm x 159mm 17 kNm 10.7 kNm 4 bolt 180mm x 180mm
H2000 212mm x 212mm 35.3 kNm 17.2 kNm 4 bolt 235mm x 235mm
H3000 252mm x 252mm 58.1 kNm 26.4 kNm 4 bolt 290mm x 290mm
H4000 290mm x 290mm 102.3 kNm 46.2 kNm 4 bolt 330mm x 330mm

PDF diagrams and downloads for all sizes can be found in the downloads section of this page.

HiMast Sign Post Size Comparison

Breakaway Design With Fast Reinstatement

In the event of a collision, this post can be quickly replaced with no requirement for excavation or new foundations. This is thanks to the anchor cradle that is cast in during its initial installation staying in place. This foundational cage is designed to stay intact during an impact, ensuring that a replacement post can be bolted straight back in place.

The cast in cradle comes supplied with a wooden frame that holds all fixing points steady and correctly spaced during installation ensuring a great fit with the mast.

HiMast Can Be Used With Internally Routed Sign Lighting

In many applications sign lighting is an essential requirement, with openings specifically for cable management the HiMast sign support can be used with various types of sign lighting systems.

Underside Bolts

Fixing Slot Zoom
Sign To Post Fixing Zoom

Various Fixing Options Available For Different Sign Types

When ordering we will be able to assist you in getting the right type and number of clips to fix your signage to this high-quality post. Please ask our sign specialists when ordering for more information on what is required.

Rear Of Sign Fixing Focus

Assembling The HiMast Passive Post

1. Unscrew protective bolts and remove the wooden cover from the cage.

Remove wooden cover from cage

2. Screw one threaded bar into each upright

Screw one Bolt into each upright

3. Screw two nuts onto each threaded bar and place a washer on top of the nuts

Cage with threaded bar with two nuts and a washer on each bar.

4. Place the HiMast on top of the cage, traffic flow direction will determine direction the post sits on the cage.

HiMast on cage unbolted

5. Place the plastic washer (extended side down) ontop of threaded bar flush with HiMast base. Then screw two nuts ontop of the plastic washer to secure your HiMast Passive Post.

HiMast bolted down to cage

Need Help Or Technical Drawings?

If you are looking for a passive safety post you are in safe hands, at Start Traffic we have access to one of the widest ranges of passively safe signposts out there. Call today and speak to our signage specialists who will be happy to assist you in getting a great price and the best equipment for your needs. We are also pleased to be able to offer specific drawings for many of our signs, ensuring you have the right foundations for the specific installation.


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Length Can be cut to desired lengths
Type Aluminium

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