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HOG600 Barrier - Water Filled Traffic Separation Barrier

The HOG600 water filled traffic separator barrier is a new addition to the ever-expanding range from Melba Swintex. The Melba HOG600 will stand the test of time and comes in at a great price point.

The price point and durability make this the perfect water filled barrier for construction projects and hire companies. The HOG600 is compatible with many other similar products from other manufacturers.

The HOG600 is anti-trip, features forklift lifting points and can even be used with DoubleTop panels to increase its height. This makes it a great barrier for use in areas with pedestrian foot traffic.

This common and easy to use interlocking method makes deployment very quick. Once filled with water the barriers are kept in place and locked into each other.

Twin Filling Points With Fill Line

As the HOG600 is made in two parts there are two separate filling points. Each section has its own fill line.

Fork Lift Entry Points

The barriers can be moved with a forklift with ease for fast changes of layout and redeployment within a site without emptying.

Tip To Empty

No leaks, unlike many other similar products on the market the top filling hole is also the emptying point. This means there are no bungs and caps to keep from leaking further down the side of the barrier.

Optional Embossing Service

For orders over 189 units we can have the HOG600 barrier embossed with your company logo. We are also able to offer other colours for corporate branding, minimum order quantities apply.

100% Recyclable

Made from HDPE in either white or red as standard these barriers are widely recyclable. They can be granulated and made into new barriers when they reach the end of their useful life.

Lightweight & Fast Deployment

Like all other water filled barriers and traffic separators, the HOG600 is much lighter when it is empty. Each HOG600 weighs only 5.5kg when empty, allowing a single worker to deploy them quickly and easily.

Once in place, 40 litres of water can be added to the barrier to keep it securely in place. Our testing has shown that the barrier can take up to 25 litres per side without any issue!

Stacking Design

The smart design of these barriers allows them to be easily stacked onto pallets for secure and easy transportation.

Create Curves With Ease

Unlike older designs of water filled barrier, the HOG600 facilitates the freedom to create 45-degree angles between each section.


AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Height 560mm
Length 1040mm
Width 400mm
Weight 5.5Kg
Pallet Type Single
Per Pallet 21

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