JSP AlphaBloc Barrier Space Saving Water Filled Barrier System

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JSP AlphaBloc Space Saving Barrier

Every once in awhile there is a revolutionary product that comes along and changes things, in this case, the AlphaBloc from JSP is that product. It is the first water-filled separation barrier system that can be folded flat for transport and storage.

The ability to fold this barrier flat is a huge leap forward, allowing for 40 units per pallet to be stacked safely. 40 units are double what most traditional separation barriers can comfortably fit on a pallet. This makes shipping, transporting and storing the units so much easier and cost-efficient.

The best part is that they can still be ballasted by filling them with water! Ensuring that they serve the same purpose, just as well as their predecessors.

AlphaBloc Deployed In London

50% Cheaper to Store & Transport

Compared to traditional barriers the AlphaBloc saves an enormous amount of space and volume. The issue with traditional barriers is that they were bulky and took up space, never that they were heavy. Now you can transport up to 8 fully stacked pallets on a flatbed van. That is a huge 320 units or 320metres per vehicle!

AlphaBloc Less Storage More Per Distance
AlphaBloc Space Saver Barriers On the Back of a Van

Uniquely Foldable Gif Of AlphaBloc

Blow Moulded Not Rotary Moulded

Each section of the barrier is blow moulded from HDPE. This is the same process used to produce pedestrian barriers seen elsewhere on the site. This process makes a strong, durable and lightweight end product.

Your Logo Here

Branded To Your Needs

We can have this barrier branded with your corporate logo, significantly reducing the risk of theft or accidental removal by another firm.

Filled with water for better stability

Water Filled When Needed

The AlphaBloc can be filled with water to increase its weight. Adding ballast to the barrier improves stability and increases the wind resistance.

A Unique Design

The hinge system is robust and durable; it will stand the test of time. There is no other barrier like this on the market.

AlphaBloc Barriers Showing Folding Design

Arrange In Multiple Layouts

The acute angle at which the barriers fold-out means that curved deployments are achieved with ease. A circle can be formed with only six barriers.

How Strong Is the AlphaBloc?

The Alphabloc is one of the most compact barriers on the market, but this does not mean it doesn't pack a punch.

These barriers have been put to the test being loaded with a raw material pallet weighing 1.3 tonnes. The four barriers withstood the heavy load placed on top of them with ease, proving their durability and strength.

This is an impressive load that not every barrier on the market would be able to deal with.


Alphablocs taking the weight of a full pallet of Titan Barriers

Have questions about the JSP AlphaBloc?

Give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss any questions you have about this folding water filled barrier. Our sales team are available on 01905 794 875 during office hours. They will be happy to help with any enquiries that you may have.


Height 626.5mm
Length 1064mm
Width 118mm (closed) | 391mm (open)
Per Unit 5.5kg empty (20+kg When Filled With Water)
Type Polyethylene (blow moulded)
Colour Available in Red or White
Customisation Embossing Available (minimum order quantites apply)
Per Pallet 40

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