JSP Microlite - Traffic Cone light Lamp

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The Microlite: A versatile traffic cone light

The Microlite is the new cone light from JSP, designed to be fastened on to all circular cones. This second generation design eliminates the metal band used to hang around the cone in favour of an ultra-durable elastomer. In addition, the plastic housing has been designed from the ground up, retaining the illumination properties while being even more robust and compact. 

  • Without photocell = flashes continuously
  • 360 degree lens - complete visibility.
  • Twist lens for on/off operation.
  • Fitted bolt and separate bracket for assembly onto cone.
  • Uses 6V AT2 PJ996 (see related items).


Conforms Conforms to EN12352 and BS3143 Part 2
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Diameter 85mm
Height 220mm
Per Unit 186g without battery
Type Polypropylene
Colour Yellow
Customisation None
Type Cardboard Box (28 per box)
Per Box 50

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