JSP Roadbloc Barrier With Reflective Strip Water Filled

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JSP RoadBloc Barrier Water Filled 

Manufactured from Solathene HD, the system has been extensively trialled to ensure that it surpasses the demands and expectations bestowed on traffic separators by todays Traffic Management industry

The 45 degree hinge connection point means that Roadbloc is not limited to a straight line connection, each barrier can swivel at its connection point up to 45 degrees to enable 8 systems to form a circle or "mini roundabout".  This also allows each unit to be tilted at an angle whilst still connected - ideal for use across uneven terrain.

Manufactured with water-tight seams to allow water to be used as ballast instead of sand as well as using high-quality reflectors on the top section of each unit for increased visibility.

These traffic separators have been specifically designed to allow it to be moved either individually or when stacked, by a fork lift truck. Reflective strips are added for increased visibility and these sit within a recessed area on the outside of each unit.

  • Solathene HD with water tight seams to allow water and sand to be used as ballast. 
  • Separators can be moved individually or stacked. 
  • Reflective strips can be added for increased visibility.
  • Available in bespoke colours for corporate branding.

Stacks of 20 RoadBlocs supplied securely banded. The JSP Roadbloc Barrier is also available in black, please phone for details on 01905 794 875.

JSP Roadbloc in Red


AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Height 600mm
Length 1140mm
Width 500mm
Per Unit 6kg
Type Solathene™ HD
Colour Available in Red or White
Accessories Supplied with Class 2 Reflective Vinyl strip applied
Customisation Available in bespoke colours (minimum quantities apply)
Per Pallet 20

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