MonoSignLight Cone Mounted LED Sign Lamp For Temporary Works

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MonoSignLight Temporary Cone Mounted Sign Lamp

Use this lamp to illuminate temporary road signs in road work zones. These simple lamps fit onto cones that can then be placed in front of signs providing adequate illumination even in adverse weather conditions.

The fact that these lamps are mounted lower to the ground than the traditional method of mounting them on top of the sign improves safety by keeping the lamp low to the ground. It also avoids increasing the height of the centre of gravity of the sign.

Key Features Of the Mono Sign Light:

  • Fast Setup - Easy To Deploy on site, simply drop onto a traffic cone in front of the sign.
  • Robust Design - Based on the MonoLight that is known to be a tough and durable lamp.
  • Long Battery Life - Spend less time changing batteries.
  • Auto-Switch  - Turns itself off during daylight hours to further save battery power.


Photo Showing Sign Lit Up At Night by The MonoSignLight

Photo Showing battery Compartment of MonoSignLight

Single battery For 120 Hours of illumination

These lamps will stay on for 120 hours with a premium Nissen 800 battery. The battery is housed safely within a locking battery compartment.

Photo Showing The Sensor

Automatic Solar Switch

A photocell will automatically turn these lamps on and off as the sun comes up and goes down. This saves on battery life.

Photo Close up Of the Lamp Face its Self

Illuminates In a Continuous White

Ideal for use during winter nights and on sites that are in areas without street lighting.

Shot of the lamp mounted onto a traffic cone

Supplied with cone bracket

The MonoSiteLight comes with a cone mounting bracket as standard.


Conforms BS 3143 and EN 12352 compliant
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Depth 215mm including cone bracket
Height 334mm
Width 191mm
Per Unit 540g
Type Polyethylene
Colour Yellow Body / White Lens
Accessories 6v Battery not included

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